Joods Monument

Interactive memorial


Before WO II, The Hollandsche Schouwburg was a popular theatre. Today, it is a monument and war memorial. During the war, thousands of Jews were rounded up into the former theatre, before being deported to concentration camps. In honor of their memory, a monument and memorial room have been installed in the theatre. Together with Studio KNOL and Driebit a new mobile device has been designed that can be used for the interactive part of this monument.

My work

Enclosed in the beautiful designed casing of this device is an Android phone running an app built by me. On the memorial wall each name has an RFID tag behind it, which can be read by the NFC chip in the Android phone. The app looks up the name corresponding to the unique tag ID that has just been read and displays the location of the wall that is currently being viewed. By tapping a name, more information about this person is shown. The result is an extra digital layer to the physical wall, giving a different perspective to the monument and the people it represents.