Basic-Fit Body Analyzer

Interactive body composition analyzer


Basic-Fit is one of the leading fitness gyms in the Benelux. In order to provide their customers with more feedback on their training, they are deploying an interactive body composition analyzer in their clubs. The kiosk is fully automatic and can measure your weight, muscle mass, fat mass, etc. The resulting measurements are stored in your personal profile so that you can track your progress through time.

My Work

All software running on the Kiosk was developed by me. The hardware consists of a standard PC, external devices like a barcode reader, a smart weighing scale (Tanita SC240) and a touchscreen. The backend application is entirely written in Node.js and handles all device (reader and scale), API and frontend communication. The UI was built using React (Javascript) and communicates directly (bidirectional, using push stream messages) with the backend. A pilot is currently being rolled out in selected clubs.