5+6 7+8

Android app for climbers


Just south of Paris lies the beautiful forest of Fontainebleau. A nice place to be, especially if you are a climber. Scattered throughout the forest are thousands of boulders, most of which can be climbed. To keep track of al the known "problems" several guidebooks exist. One of the best and most popular are the guidebooks of Bart van Raaij, titled 5+6 and 7+8. The Android and iOS apps are a compendium to this guidebook and allow you to view every known problem on your phone, find it on the map, keep track of your ascents and much more.

My work

I made the Android version of the 5+6 7+8 app. It is a native app, written in Java, and makes use of some additional tools and services like DBFlow ORM and Google Play In-app billing.

See: Google Play.